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Let Me Help Your Reader This Summer!

As an educator and parent, I know what it's like to want the best for your child.

For a variety of reasons, your child may be among the 10 million students who struggle to learn to read, but they don't have to be!

  • 95% of reading difficulties can be resolved with proper reading instruction.
  • Phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension are all needed to create a successful reader.
  • Phonological awareness often goes untaught in classrooms due to curriculum choice or district focuses.


What Happens at this Summer Reading Club?

From the comfort of your home, your child(ren) will join my son, Noah, and I for a 5-week self-paced, virtual Summer Reading Club. We will help your reader strengthen their phonological awareness skills! These are the skills that are often missing that keep readers from being able to decode (sound out words and read them). Parents and caregivers will also pick up tips to help their children along the way.

After you sign up, you will have instant access to 25+ instructional videos.

You have lifetime access for as long as the course exists!

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Learn from an Educator Who Knows the Science of Reading Research

Kids need reading instruction based on scientific evidence. There are cognitive processes that teachers of reading must know that are vital for reading success.

The science of reading helps us see why other methods aren’t helpful or as successful for all students.

During this 5-week club, all of the practices used are backed by the science of reading.

Build Confidence

I will teach your child the skills that are often missing from school curriculums that can lead to reading frustrations, confusion, and tears.

Learn How to Support

I will share tips to help you support your child's reading journey the right way. When they get stuck on a word, you'll know what to do!

Fill in Learning Gaps

The pandemic may have caused your child to miss vital skills that they need more practice with before continuing on to the next grade level. Let me help.

Each Week Students Will Strengthen Phonological Awareness Skills!

Through quick and engaging instructional videos, your child will get to learn and practice critical  reading skills. 

Downloadable sheets will also be provided for daily practice.

Week 1: Rhyming and Syllables

Week 2: Beginning Sounds and Onset + Rime

Week 3: Middle Sounds and Ending Sounds

Week 4: Blending and Segmenting

Week 5: Phoneme Manipulation

5-Week Summer Reading Club


(only $15 a week!)

  • 25+ Pre-recorded Instructional Videos
  • 25 Independent Practice Activities
  • Caregiver Mini Trainings, Tips, and Support
  • $30 Worth of Resources to Continue Support
  • Lifetime Access
  • A More Confident Reader
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The Skills Your Child Needs to Become a Stronger Reader!


We will spend 5 weeks digging into critical phonological awareness skills. These skills will help your child become a stronger reader and speller.

I can't wait to teach these skills to your child and teach you, the caregiver, what it takes to be more of a reading support at home.

The 5 components of reading are what every student needs to be successful. When students feel confident about their reading skills, they can fall in love with books and fall in love with learning.



         (From caregivers and educators that have used my phonological awareness resources.)

"Naomi's resources are always on point, and this one is no exception. You can tell a lot of thought and care was put into creating quick warm-ups that will engage learners nd build them the skills they need to become strong readers and writers. Thank you!"

"My first grader was a struggling reader. I used to teach, but I was never taught how to teach reading. Naomi's resources helped my son. Just a few minutes a day during breakfast made a tremendous impact. I am so thankful!"

"With Naomi's guidance and help my 3rd grader is now reading on grade level. After having his earlier years interrupted by the pandemic, I was worried my son would fall behind and he did. Online learning was difficult for him. I am so glad I reached out to Naomi. I saw a difference using her resources after a few weeks and my son's teacher let me know she was so surprised by his growth in such a short time. Naomi gave me the tools to help me son."

Set your child up for reading success! 

A 5-week, self-paced virtual Summer Reading Club designed to help K-1 students become more CONFIDENT readers.

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